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Congratulation De Lotto winner

From the Editor: Another fake de lotto win, if only they were real. They are not.

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an All Lottery Scams HONEST OPERATOR

Monday, March 28th, 2011

De Lotto.
Postbus xxxxxxx
GB Rijswijk Zh xxxxx


We write to inform you of the result of our Internet Sweepstakes program that was conducted on the 20th Day of February, 2011. This e-mail address which was extracted among other e-mail addresses from the Internet Data Base and entered into our program with a File Serial Number: AM-71070/137AY, has won you its owner cash prize money of ?1,925,000 Only (One Million, Nine Hundred and Twenty-Five Thousand Euros Only). You can only claim this fund by contacting our paying bank to  release your winning to you .

Mr. Paul Adams
Tel: +31-xxxxxxxxxx
Fax: +31-xxxxxxxxxxx

This lottery program was conducted and sponsored by us De Lotto Company as a Goodwill Gesture and you don’t need to purchase our lottery ticket before entering this program because it was a free email sweepstakes program. Your winning must be claimed not later than the 28days of your receipt of this message hence we advice you provide our paying bank  above with the below stated details for the processing of your Won prize.

1). Complete Full Names:
2). Residential Address:
3). Occupation:
4). Phone/Fax Numbers:
5). A Scan Copy of any valid proof of your Identification like International Passport or Driver’s License that will be use for the processing of your payment file:

Congratulations and happy spending upon your receipt of the winning funds.

Sincerely yours,

Marijke Gessel. (Programs Coordinator)
For: Lotto NL.  (Lotto is een onderdeel van De Lotto).
Copyright(c) 2009 by De Lotto, the Netherlands.

No US Players Accepted