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USA Online Award

From the Editor: So an email, circulating in Russia, claims to be an award notice for a US based lottery. Only problem is that it’s not really english, just a cut and paste job from an automated translator or mediocre human translator. Then the email is coming from a email. So an american lottery is giving Russians money and contacting them from the UK. Let’s get real! LOL

No US Players Accepted
an All Lottery Scams HONEST OPERATOR

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

You were is chosen
Obychnyjamerikansky Internet Promo.Дата: 18-April-2010

Dear awards, We are glad to inform you on result of the United States under the international program lotteries from ours online are spent to turn dzhek-sweat which is partially based on an electronic choice
of winners by gathering of their e-mail address which are active it-lajn without the winner of application, and you should not buy the ticket for input to this lottery, and your e-mail has been chosen as one of winners of our advanced automated voting computer system.

Your e-mail address it has been given coupon number; 575061725 8056490902 serial number 6741137002. This party turns happy numbers as follows: 4-13-33-37-42 bonus number 17 which, hence, has won in a lottery (B) the Category. The award the payment from (nine hundred thousand US
dollars) $900,000.00 USD in quality was won by a prize. And UNDER the CLAIM And PAYMENT of your prize:

Please, contact to ours Licensed / the accredited agent it is carried to a category by winners with the
information more low; the Name: Барр. Mr. M.EntoniElektronnaja’s Goose mail: the Note: Listed your identification numbers: party Number: AOL917701116000 Advantageous nomer:.AoL1229/UsLp Ref number: AOL991327820

No US Players Accepted